One-on-one coaching

Personal, tailor-made coaching to build mastery for that key event

  • InterviewsWe coach key executives and spokespeople who are likely to make regular television or radio appearances, on a one-on-one basis. We give you a a concentrated version of our workshops on Core Messages and Interview Technique, jointly draft your “messages” and drill you in delivering them – as many times as necessary.
  • PresentationsWe show you how to put together hard-hitting presentations and deliver them in an authoritative manner, coaching you on posture, voice quality, body language and pacing. We drill you for as long as it takes.
  • Emergency CoachingWe help you prepare plans for dealing with human, organisational and PR disasters. If the worst should happen, you will at least know how to handle the media and announcements for the general public, including what to say, and when and how to say it.
  • Message PreparationWe sit with you and your staff to draft “messages”, the carefully thought-through core of your organisation’s public policy face, to project what you want to the public. Our consultants know what has impact and what might come back to bite you.
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