Presentation Training

Take the fear out of speaking in public and make your messages memorable

Whether you are in business, politics or the public sector, captivating an audience is key to your success. Public speaking can be daunting, but get it right and it can take you and your organisation to the next level. MediaTrain helps you organise your thoughts and empowers you to deliver your messages with confidence and authority. We work with you on how to stand, how to move, what to avoid, while guiding you to find your own voice. Our Presentation training can be tailored to address specific issues within your organisation, it can be delivered one-on-one, or you can attend one of our Presentation workshops. Stand up confidently before any audience to speak on any subject with the best possible chance of using your expertise to deliver a clear message persuasively.

  • ComposingWe show how to put your thoughts and ideas into a structure suitable for the occasion and the audience, how to organise your argument and use examples and data for maximum effect.
  • IllustratingWe help you select and construct the visual backdrop to your presentation, blending words and images and varying the style to keep an audience engaged. We cover Powerpoint and Whiteboard, flipcharts and photos, graphs and tables.
  • PresentingWe demonstrate how to speak and move to carry conviction and authority, what to wear and what not to wear, and some of the traps to avoid to be a successful presenter.
  • Writing MemosWe examine how to put down ideas in a simple, but effective form for notice boards, internal websites or individual messaging, including how to cope with jargon, technical language and acronyms.
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