Event Facilitation

Use our pool of talent to ensure your conference, debate or seminar keeps pace, interest and energy

Holding a conference and don’t know who to put in the chair? MediaTrain is there to provide skilled facilitators to smooth the way to a successful conference conclusion. Whether moderating high-profile events such as panel discussions and debates or chairing public meetings, MediaTrain will help you structure proceedings, manage participant behaviour and group dynamics as well as setting and handling the agenda. Our consultants will deliver clarity and understanding, prevent digression, and maintain pace, interest and energy.

  • Event FacilitationOur consultants, all extremely experienced in international affairs, well-travelled and well-informed, are perfectly qualified to facilitate your conferences and professional debates. As trainers we are confident public performers, as ex-journalists we can summarise complex arguments, as consultants we are professionally neutral.
  • Expert PanelistMediaTrain consultants have decades of professional experience all over the world. In all areas of general public affairs they can provide lively, clear and penetrating contributions to any debate.
  • Guest SpeakersOur staff have worked all over the world, as journalists, aid professionals or consultants. As former top-class journalists, they have insight into complex situations and the analytical abilities to understand them; add in the professional trainer’s ability to deliver clear and entertaining presentations and you have the perfect guest speaker.
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