Media Training

Understand the media and use it to spread messages with an impact

Are you intimidated by the media? Do you feel vulnerable and unsure when a media encounter is scheduled? Don’t be any longer. Our experts will help you take control of your meeting and deliver what you need to be heard with impact and style. We’ll show you how to craft a crisp press release or handle a TV interview with ease and aplomb. Mediatrain will guide you through the jungles of online media and reluctant newsdesks to help you be heard where you need to be and by the people you need to reach. Press release, press conference, twitter account… MediaTrain gives you the knowledge and the tools to be in control of the media and not at the mercy of it. If you are reaching out for a new audience, you need to be heard and understood —and we can help you.

Our workshops are brief, intense, highly interactive and fun. Our approach is learn by doing. We will tailor events that meet your needs.

  • Understanding the mediaWe open doors into the minds of journalists and their editors, what motivates them, what they need, how you can find common ground and improve your chances of getting the right story broadcast or published.
  • Core MessagesWe show you how to put your thoughts and ideas into a form which is attractive to the public and media professionals, how to use numbers, examples, anecdotes and metaphors, and how to make your language accessible and effective.
  • Interview TechniqueWe teach you how to take control of an interview, so that it follows your agenda rather than the journalist’s, how to deflect unwanted or hostile questions, and how to stay safe if things get rough.
  • Broadcast TechniqueWe advise you on how to look good on television, how to appear authoritative yet at the same time human. We demonstrate how to smile on the radio and create the word pictures that work.
  • Press ReleasesWe look at how to compose an effective press release that will both attract the attention of the journalist and when published will effectively deliver the message you intend to the general public.
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