Communication Strategy

Get your communications straight in an ever changing world full of countless voices…

A media campaign can change things the way you want them to be, but only if you have a strategy that is on target and achievable. MediaTrain has the experience to help you work out who you need to influence, what partners you might need and what messages will do the job for you; and which media to use to transmit them, and when. Let us help you put together an integrated communication strategy, combining traditional media with social and digital channels, for higher impact. Whether you are an NGO trying to raise awareness about a pressing issue or a business that has something to say out loud, your communication is our business.

  • Media CampaignsWe help you plan and prepare campaigns to gain maximum publicity for new programmes, projects or products. Our consultants use their worldwide experience to offer advice on which media “tools” to use and how to craft your “messages”.
  • AdvocacyWe examine other methods of reaching the general public, and specific target groups, without going through the main news media. We look at “elevator pitches”, straightforward lobbying and other ways of influencing decision-making and public opinion.
  • Training programme guidanceOur consultants are all experienced trainers and well-placed to help you maximise the potential of your staff and the efficiency of your operations. We run through the possible training programmes and help you select the most suitable, whether delivered by us or by other expert providers.
  • CoalitionsWe train you in how to cope with the complex dynamics of coalitions, the clashing of egos and agendas, the contrast between individual priorities and aims and the overall goals of the coalition as a group.
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