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Internationally respected  Media Trainers who will help you frame what you need to say, in compelling language. In person, or online. In English, French and Spanish.

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We’ve taken our media training online so you can hone your communication skills from the safety of your living room. We’ve built in practical exercises and frequent breaks to beat “Zoom Fatigue”. It’s tried and tested and participants love it. Your work doesn’t stop because of Covid-19 – and neither does our training.

How we work


Our workshops are places to work, not academic lecture rooms. The atmosphere is dynamic and interactive. Our sessions are serious, but always enjoyable.


Our trainers work with people from different cultures and nations. We understand the need to adapt to the very different media styles in different parts of the world.  


We tailor our training to your needs and availability.  We train in English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


We have helped well over 1,000 aid and development professionals in some 40 countries to tell the stories that need to be told. 

Where we can help

  • Messaging – Tell the world what matters, clearly, compellingly and memorably
  • Interview Technique – Take control, get your message across, stay safe
  • Presentations – Organise your ideas, match words and images
  • Communicating Online – Look good, sound good, control the discussion
  • Public Speaking – Convince and persuade, lose your fear
  • Writing Effectively – Cut through the waffle, make your words count


We had scheduled a two-day face-to-face media training of UNICEF Nigeria staff when the COVID-19 pandemic hit – preventing travel and in-person meetings. Oliver and Andy really came through for us – they re-designed the programme as a virtual training, and somehow managed to make it informative, fun and innovative. We weren’t sure it could be done online – but the participants all came away with new media engagement skills, and all agreed how fantastic the training had been!

Eliana Drakopoulos, UNICEF Nigeria

June 2020

What some of our clients say

These techniques are not limited to media – I feel they can be used in everyday life to convey messages adequately

FAO Rome

Feb 2020

The best aspect of the workshop was the facilitator, his wonderful, jovial personality meant I learned without noticing.


Nov 2018

The best aspect of the workshop was the almost one-to-one nature of the delivery /active engagement/interactive learning-by-doing… Excellent trainers, highly experienced and brought in a wealth of knowledge for UNICEF

Sept 2019

Hit the spot and I wish I had had this training ages ago. It worked perfectly for me and I am already thinking in messages rather than slogans. Will make media engagement in the Middle East much sharper and easier.


October 2019

It really alerted people to the need to use accessible language. A good model for structuring, message preparing and conveying.

OHCHR Geneva

Nov 2018

Me siento afortunada de aprender de dos profesionales con tanta experiencia, ademas con tan buen humor!


May 2019

We have helped well over 1,000 aid and development professionals in some 40 countries to tell the stories that need to be told.




Meet the team

Oliver Wates, MT Director

Since becoming a full-time trainer in 1998, Oliver has worked in more than 60 countries around the world. While at home in Asia, Africa and Europe, his specialist areas are Latin America and the former Soviet Union.

Marian Hens, MT Director

Two decades of experience as a journalist, trainer and international communications consultant has seen Marian working with the public and private sector, from UN agencies to multinational companies.

Andy Hill, MT Director

Andy is based in Nairobi, from where he has helped government officials, UN staff and NGO workers in Africa and Asia communicate the ideas essential to bring about change.